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Our music is infused with fire and the breath of God. We are "ATMOSPHERE CHANGERS", and our greatest desire is to lead people into the Presence of God that they may experience His Glory! We are part of a Remnant few who long for His Presence like never before. We hope that each song you hear takes you deeper and deeper!! Eagle Nation Music was birthed in 2020 from a sincere desire to share Worship with the world and to make His Name famous. To allow those outside of the church walls to begin experiencing this move that is sweeping through the church of today. More than anything we long to see God's people absolutely wrecked by the all consuming fire of His Presence! We are already seeing it week after week and we believe that it will only become greater in the months and years to come. Our music comes from such a deep place and these original songs will change your life, encourage you, and help you to find your way through an ever changing world. We believe that you will "Overcome It All" which is Eagle Nation Music's very first single set to be released in February of 2021! This single track from our first album titled GLORIOUS is incredibly powerful and is only one of many you will hear from this dynamic record. We believe that there is one true way for you to conquer in this life and that's through the name of Jesus. We understand that it's only in Him we are victorious. It's by the "Power of Your Name" that we win every time! Another power packed song from the Eagle Nation Music team under the direction and covering of Don & Brenda McClintock, lead pastors of Eagle Heights Worship Center located in Springfield, Missouri. Contact us for further information on booking and subscribe to keep up with latest news on Eagle Nation Music. 


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